Countdown to #POLtwt - June 5th

Join now, grow your voice.

The fifth Global Police Tweet-a-thon is June 5th!!

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This is even will be rescheduled for later this summer!!! It is NOT taking place on June 5th.



#PolTwt is the hashtag for the Global Police Tweet-a-thon. The fifth Global Police Tweet-a-thon is coming up on TBD. You can sign up NOW below.

#Poltwt is a twice a year event that lasts for 24 hours in each timezone. #PolTwt is the creation of LAwS Communications. The first PolTwt happened in March of 2013 connecting cops around the world and building relationships between police and the citizens they serve.

There are few rules to #PolTwt. Police departments at local, county, national or international levels can do any  one of several models and tweet for any part of the 24 hour period they like.

  1. Tweet all calls
  2. Tweet about one specific topic to educate citizens
  3. Officers tweet-the-beat

The one rule to #PolTwt is to put the hashtag in every tweet. That’s it.


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As an effort to extend an invitation to citizens to have a dialog about police community relations during the fourth Global Police Tweet-a-thon, we’re suggesting a theme of Time to Unify. In addition to the #poltwt hashtag, we want to use the hashtag #TimeToUnify in tweets intended to improve the relationships between the police and specific communities, particularly communities of color.

Please see your registered email address for more information about this initiative.

#Poltwt Sign Up - June 5th, 2015

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Sign up for the 5th Global Police Tweet-a-thon!!!

Only Twitter accounts should be registered. Participants can register their agency twitter accounts and/or individual accounts.

In order to appear on the official #poltwt map, a physical address MUST be provided. You also must register with your government Email address. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be registered.

Use the button on the LEFT to register accounts representing individual officers. Use the button on the RIGHT to register agency accounts.


The SMILE Conference

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The 11th SMILE Conference® is happening in Phoenix, Arizona and is hosted by the Phoenix Police Department.

April 28-30, 2015. See the #SMILEcon website for more information.

SMILElogoThe SMILE Conference is the leading training conference devoted to Social Media, the Internet and Law Enforcement initiatives. The SMILE Conference has pioneered the adoption of social media by law enforcement agencies across the world for public outreach, crime prevention, and forensics. In conjunction with the ConnectedCOPS™ blog, The SMILE Conference has become both the go-to and most trusted source by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Come learn from the best and network with an international audience of police social media practitioners.


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